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Travel to South Africa cities and revisit the sites and experiences from apartheid, the student revolt and the Mandela era to present. ROOTS Travel to various cities in Africa of historical significance in the slave trade and the Atlantic Middle Passage contributing to the African – American Black culture and the creation of the African Diaspora.


Travel of cultural significance for African descendants wishing to better understand or participate in ceremonies signifying their becoming of age in their ancestral tradition. Activates may be arranged for either boys or girls.


Travel experiences designed for usually 20 or more persons with common interests in a destination or event. Tour may be leisure, business, professional, spiritual, financial, educational or cultural. Most tours are a minimum of 7 days. Special event tours may be shorter (3 or more days)


Travel experience for a group of 16 or more individuals interested in cruise destinations or events. Length can vary from 3, 4 , 5, 7 or more days.


Travel arranged with sponsor primarily for raising funds for a specific purpose, while having fun. Organizations must meet cruise lines guide lines as a nonprofit organization.


Tours exploring or providing enlightenment and knowledge of the previous history and culture of a specific people, places or events of historical significance


Tours designed to journey to places of spiritual significance for enlightenment, Missionary work or other religious purposes.


Tours designed for selected educational study, exploration or research or combinations thereof. These tours may include a combination of study, volunteerism and leisure time activities. Africa, South America and the Caribbean provide excellent opportunities for this type of trip.


Travel designed for the specific purpose of bringing individuals with a common interest together to share the experience.


Travel to the countries on the west coast of Africa. Most tours are for or about the cultural and artist exploration of African descendants or “people of color”. Emphasis is on the art, tribes, customs and ceremonies of local people. Most frequented destinations includes Benin, Burkina Faso, Gambia, Ghana, Mali, Senegal and Togo.


Travel designed for intervals interested in experiencing the viewing of beauty wildlife (safari), colorful people and customs of Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, and/or Uganda. Artists, archeologist, photographers and authors have made visiting world heritage sites, natural wonders and literary sites another of the major reason for this to be the destination. The Seychelles and Madagascar are increasing in interest for the beach, marine life and dive enthusiasts.


Travel to these countries is designed primarily for interest in the historical political influences of Nelson Mandela and the Apartheid era; Secondly, for its unbelievable beauty and diversity of flora and fauna, of the people, the world heritage and natural wonders site as well as the cultures of the various regions and finally, for the wildlife and game viewing experiences.


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